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Once you've created a contact list, you will need to add contacts to it before creating and sending out your email campaign. There are several ways to add contacts to your contact list, these are:

  1. Adding contacts manually to a Mailroom contact list.
  2. Importing contacts into a Mailroom contact list.
  3. Creating a subscription form in Mailroom.

Adding contacts manually to a Mailroom contact list

Manually adding contacts into your contact list can be very time consuming. We recommend getting your customers to fill out a subscription form or if you have a pre-existing customer list, importing the list of contacts into Mailroom. However, it is possible to manually add contacts, and you can do this by following the instructions below:

  1. Login to the Console
  2. Manage your domain
  3. Click [Mailroom] in the left column
  4. Click [Contact Lists]
  5. Select View Contact Lists
  6. Locate the contact list you wish to add contacts to and click Add Contact
  7. Fill in the fields provided
  8. Click [Save]

To import contact into a Mailroom contact list, click here

To create a subscripton form in Mailroom, click here

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