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We place limitations on both the size and number of emails users can send from our servers to ensure the reliability and speed of our mail services and to minimise the impact if spam is sent from a compromised account. The following restrictions apply for customers using our email services: 

ServiceSend out limitEmail sizeRecipients
 Cloud Smarthost250 emails per day
500 emails per hour
 50MB 10 per email
 Cloud SMTP250 emails per day
500 emails per hour
 50MB  50 per email
Cloud Webmail250 emails per day
500 emails per hour
 50MB  50 per email
cPanel SMTP250 emails per day
200 emails per hour
 50MB 10 per email
cPanel Webmail250 emails per day
200 emails per hour
 50MB 10 per email


Service descriptions

  • The SMTP service is the service customers use to send emails when connecting to our Email servers via a third party device (Outlook, Apple Mail, iPhone, Thunderbird)
  • The Webmail service is the service customers use when logging into their online email portal
  • The Cloud Hosting Smarthost service is the service customers use when sending emails from our Cloud Hosting website servers (such as when online contact forms are used)

What happens if you reach the hourly/daily email sending limit

Depending on the service you are using, you will get one of two different types of messages if you try to send out more emails than what the server allows you to. Examples of those errors are below.

Hosting Type Error Message
cPanel Hosting550 "Daily limit has been exceeded for [email address]"
Cloud Hosting There was an error sending your message: Failed to send data [SMTP:  Invalid response code received from server (code: 550, response:  Administrative prohibition)]

If you get one of the above errors messages when sending out emails, it means you've hit your email sending limit. If you believe this is an error or require further assistance, please contact our support team. We can increase the email sending limits on particular email accounts on a case by case basis depending on your requirements of the service.

Sending mass emails

If you want to reach a large number of email recipients, we recommend using software specifically built for mass email marketing. You may use our own Mailroom software or install a third party mass email application onto our servers (such as poMMo). If you require your daily send out limits increased, please contact our technical support team and make a request for an increase in your email sending limits.

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