How to access and manage your VPS

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To manage your VPS, please follow the instructions below:

1Log in the Console (If you’re not sure how to do that, click here)User-added image
2Click on the VPS Administration tab under Service Administration.User-added image
3Select a server to view configuration and more administration options.
 User-added image
4Click on View Server 
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Success! You’ve done the steps for this article. If you’re unable to follow these steps, or receive an error in doing so, please contact our support team

The following table describes the attributes of the configuration section in the console:
Product NameThe name of the customers VPS package
Reboot This ServerManually Reboot Server
Installed Add on ProductsAdditional Services purchased with the VPS
Operating SystemThe operating system that is running on the server
Server IDA unique identity given to your server
DescriptionBrief description of the what the server is used for
UsernameUsername to login into your VPS
PasswordYour Password to your VPS access
Traffic QuotaData transfer limits
Ip BlocksAllocated IP address
DNS Interface Limit (domains)By default this limit is 10
Traffic monitoringDaily traffic, Utilisation and Usage per IP
Service monitoringMonitoring alerts will be sent to the following contacts.
Overall number of outagesOverall availability of your server
Detailed number of outagesExtra details on outages on selected interface
Where can I see my Server IP address(s) ?
Scroll down to the IP Blocks section to locate the IP address and subnet mask.

How do I access the server?
You can access your windows server via remote desktop, or you can use SSH to access your linux based server.

Will changing the console VPS password field change the password on my server?
No, it will not change the password on your server. It is simply a safe place to record your root or administration level password, it also makes it easy for Netregistry staff to access your server, should you require assistance. We recommend you keep this current at all times.
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