How to process bounced emails in Mailroom

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When maintaining a large database of newsletter recipients, it's important to set up and proper bounce email address and process any bounced emails regularly.  Doing this regularly ensures that your email campaigns are only sent to subscribers who want to receive them and to email addresses that actually exist. This will keep the contact database clean from old and broken email addresses and save Mailroom users from wasting email credits by sending emails to addresses that don't exist.

How the bounce processing works

When sending an email campaign or auto-responder from Mailroom,  the option to enter a bounce  email address is available. We recommend creating a specific bounce email address such as bounce@your-domain.tld for processing bounced emails rather than using an email address that is used for regular emails, so that it doesn't clog your inbox. When sending out a campaign, any emails that bounce off a recipient address will go to the bounce email address. The emails will remain in the bounce email account until they are deleted or processed by Mailroom. When processing bounce emails in Mailroom, the program will read each bounced email and, using a set of rules built into the application, will determine whether or not it's a soft bounce, a hard bounce or an unidentifiable bounce.

  • A soft bounce is a temporary bounce such as: This users mailbox is full
  • A hard bounce is a permanent bounce such as: This email account does not exist

If an email is recognised as a soft bounce, Mailroom will record the bounce but will take no action on the email address until it soft bounces 5 times. Once an email address has soft bounced 5 times, it is treated like a hard bounced email. If an email is recognised as a hard bounce, Mailroom won't delete the address, but will mark it as bounced. All future emails sent out from Mailroom will not be sent to this email address even if the contact details remain within your contact list. If a bounce email is not recognised then Mailroom will ignore the bounced email.

How to configure Mailroom to process bounce emails

  1. Log into Mailroom
  2. Click on Contact Lists
  3. Click on View Contact Lists
  4. Select a Contact List and click edit
  5. Ensure a valid Bounce email address is listed in the List Bounce Email field under the Contact List Details area
  6. Scroll down to the Bounce Account Details area
  7. Fill in the required details* for Mailroom to log into the bounce email account and read the emails
  8. Click [Test Bounce Settings]
  9. Click Save

    User-added image

    Bounce Email Server Name: The incoming mail server name. pop.your-domain.tld
    Bounce Email User Name: The bounce email address. eg. bounce@your-domain.tld
    Bounce Email Password: The password for the above email address
    Account Type: POP3 is recommended
    Advanced Settings: Auto detect is recommended
    Empty Inbox When Done: Ticking this box is recommended

How to process bounced emails

  1. Log into Mailroom
  2. Click on Contact Lists
  3. Click on Process Bounced Emails
  4. Select the radio button corresponding to the contact list you wish to process bounced emails for
  5. Click [Next]
  6. Select the Process bounces manually radio option
  7. Type in any required field
  8. Click [Test Connection and Continue]
  9. Click [Find Bounces]
  10. Follow the next prompts as required


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