Sending an email from an alias email address

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An alias/forwarding email address is generally used to receive an email then forward it onto another address. When creating an alias/forwarding address, a target address must always be specified. Emails sent to the alias email address are then forwarded to the target email address.

The following steps detail how to make an email appear to be sent from an alias address rather than the actual Email account from which it has been sent.

Note: If the software you are using is not listed below, you may need to contact the vendor of your software for assistance.

Outlook (All versions)

  1. Follow the steps outlined in our Outlook Email setup support articles.
  2. In any step where you are asked to enter in your Email address, enter in the address of your Email alias.
  3. In any step where you are asked to enter in your username, enter in your actual Email address that is linked to a POP Email account.


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