Sending out your email campaign

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To send out your email campaign, follow the instructions below.

  1. Login to the Console
  2. Manage your domain
  3. Click [Mailroom] in the left column
  4. Click [Email Campaigns]
  5. Select Send an Email Campaign
  6. Select if you want to send to all contacts in the contact list or a selection of contacts within the contact list
  7. Tick the check box next to the contact list you want to send your campaign to
  8. Click [Next]
  9. Select the email campaign you want to send out from the drop down list provided
  10. If you want to, you can modify the from, reply to and bounce email addresses
  11. Modify the remainder of the options provided if you want and then click [Next]
  12. Click [Schedule My Email Campaign]
Your  campaign will then be queued and  begins sending within a few minutes. The Mailroom server runs a cron job, which initiates any queued mail  to send out every 5 minutes. For optimal sending load, Mailroom will not attempt to send the campaign to all emails within your campaign at the same time. Every five minutes, the campaign will be sent to a batch of recipients from your contact list. The process repeats until all contacts have been sent an email.


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