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When you call our support centre for help in making changes that will affect your account, such as billing details or domain information, we require some authentication that the person calling is authorised to make changes of that nature. For security reasons, we don’t like to take account references over the phone or via email.

To remedy this, you have the option to give us your “support code” - which is a 6 digit password that authenticates you as the owner of the account.


To generate a support code, follow the steps below:






Log in to the Console (If you’re not sure how to do that, click here)


Check the top right hand side of the screen in your account - your support code should be here. If it isn’t, see step 3


Select “new code” to generate a new support code


Success! You’ve accessed your support code and can now be authenticated by our support team. If you’re unable to follow these steps, or receive an error in doing so, please contact our support team here.


TitleSupport Code authentication
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