Updating account contact details

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Update your account details online

Customers who can log into their accounts should follow the instructions below to update their contact details. If you have forgotten your password or are having trouble logging in, you can request a password assistance email.

  1. Log into your account
  2. Click on the [Account] tab
  3. Click [Edit] in the Account details section
  4. Update your contact details
  5. Click [Update contact details]
To update the organisation name listed on your account and invoices, please use the Update of Account Details form available at the bottom of this page.

Update your account contact details over the phone

Customer Care staff can update customers account information instantly over the phone only if the caller is able to verify themselves as the account holder. All over the phone account updates require verbal verification (current login details or Support Code). If you don't have your account login details available when calling, you will be emailed a Password Assistance Email, so you can verify yourself.

The Password Assistance Email can only be sent to the email address saved on the account. If this email address is not accessible by the caller, they will be asked to update their account contact details via one of the forms available below.

Update your account details using a form

If you wish to update your account details but are not able to log into your account or receive our password assistance email, you will need to submit an Update of Account Details form to us. Please download the relevant form below.

TitleUpdating account contact details
URL NameUpdating-account-contact-details

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