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How to monitor & understand your bandwidth usage

VPS hosting traffic is monitored by our broader routers as source outbound and destination inbound for IP addresses assigned to your server. This information can be seen from within the Console, for the total traffic for your servers, or under each server individually for its specific traffic.

1Log in the Console (If you’re not sure how to do that, click here)User-added image
2Click on the VPS Administration tab under Service Administration.User-added image
3Select a server to view configuration and more administration options.

 User-added image

Traffic information is presented in either graph or tabular view and shows inbound and outbound traffic for each IP address assigned to your servers. Estimations based on historical data are also presented for excess usage you might generate. Alerts will be emailed out if our systems determine that you are likely to pass your allowance for the month. You can upgrade to a larger bandwidth allowance at any time, or choose to pay for one-off excess data in blocks. Excess traffic is billed monthly, please contact our sales team for more information relating additional traffic charges.

Do you monitor port / protocol for specific traffic?

No, traffic is only monitored as total in and out for each IP address. If you require more granular statistics, we recommend installing a third party traffic application on your server.

If I have multiple servers, do you charge for data between the servers?

If you have multiple servers with us, you will not be charged for data that is transferred within our network, which includes data between your servers.

Is the VPS Hosting data allocation for inbound or outbound data?

The data allocation is for total combined data, both incoming and outgoing. We also don't impose any ratios for inbound vs outbound traffic.

Will I be charged for data if I use managed backup?

No. We do not charge for data that is transferred within our network. This also includes free data transfers to our backup hardware.

Why does my website statistics data differ from the bandwidth data?

There is a significant difference between the traffic reported from your VPS Server and statistics that may look like it's included as part of software such as cPanel, Plesk, Google Analytics or log analysis software. Generally, software programs installed on your server pull information from log files that track traffic to your website on the server. Because the server access logs are associated with Web Hosting only, these statistics usually only apply to Web Hosting traffic, not to FTP, Email and other software. The data measuring we associate with your server counts all traffic that is sent to/from the server and measured on our border router. It will include ALL traffic including email, FTP and website traffic etc. What’s more, website statistics packages are far from accurate at measuring any traffic due to ISPs caching popular web pages, images and files.

What happens if I exceed my bandwidth?

Your VPS goes into suspended state automatically and a notification is sent by email.

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