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The Netregistry Customer Service team would like to make customers aware of a company that goes by the name of Domain Register Pty Ltd (ABN: 127506807) and a practice that they are partaking in which we believe is misleading to some of our customers.

This group seems to have harvested the postal address information of several domain owners and has been sending them domain registration forms disgused as domain renewal forms. The group seem to have searched the public WHOIS database for ACN/ABN details of .au domain owners and have then used those details to search for the postal address of these businesses.

After acquiring this information, the group is sending out letters to .au domain owners which suggest to that they may lose their domain name unless they make a payment and renew their domain. The letters are misleading in that they are in fact asking domain owners to register a new domain name that is similar to their current domain name (a .com version of their domain for example) but the wording used in the letters sound like the domain owner will lose their current domain name if they do not act fast and make the payment to this group.

Netregistry would like to warn our customers against registering the .com domain equivalents with Domain Register Pty Ltd. The individuals operating this company are suspected to be associated with a group of scammers who owned a pretend company "Netregister" which was setup in an attempt to confuse the Netregistry client base into transferring their domains and services away from us. Additionally, the charges per registration are disproportionately high compared to our pricing.

We originally discovered this group in 2011 and the auDA wrote up this consumer alert about the group on 09/05/2011. We've recently heard reports from our customers that this group has been active and partaking in this misleading practice again.

A copy of the paper invoice sent to customers can be seen below:

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