WebCentral to Netregistry Migration FAQs

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WebCentral to Netregistry Migration FAQs

1. How do I log in to my account now?
Navigate to
Type in your existing WebCentral account reference and the temporary password supplied to you in the fields provided & click Login. You can also request a password reset using the “forgot password” link if required.

2. Will my username or password change?
Your username will remain the same. For security reasons, you will need to set a new password. We will assign a temporary password with reset instructions to make this easier.

3. Will there be a change in services on offer?
Netregistry has a range of products and services designed to meet your needs. If you’re needing help working out the best solution for your business, please contact us so we can help.

4. What changes will I notice to Terms & Conditions
At the completion of the move, you will be subject to the Netregistry Terms and Conditions.

5. Will my existing payment details or billing settings change?
Any billing preferences you have will be carried across with your account, including domain and hosting expiry dates, auto-renew settings and invoice cycles. We provide slightly different notices for domain renewals and subscription services and will notify you in advance of an upcoming renewal. Post migration all invoices will be generated by Netregistry Pty Ltd.

6. Will my website go down during the migration?
As part of the migration, we will be moving domain names, DNS management, email and web hosting to Netregistry's products and infrastructure. Where possible we will complete seamless migrations. In some cases customers will need to complete setting updates or will experience migration windows that may imapact access to their services for a short period of time. We will communicate information about changes specific to each customer prior to migrations being completed.

7. Will my current DNS/name server details change?
Yes. Domains that are currently using WebCentral’s DNS services will be migrated to Netregistry’s DNS management interface. This will require nameservers to be pointed to, & If your domain is registered with us, we will complete this on your behalf and you will not need to make any changes. If your domain is registered elsewhere, we will provide you with information relevant to your situation during the migration process. 

8. Do I need to change my email settings?
Some customers will need to make changes to mail server settings and/or passwords. If you are impacted by this change, we will provide information specific to your account prior to migration, as well as give you all the details you need to be able to complete the change successfully. 

9. What changes are there to my hosting environment?
Your website will be migrated to a load-balanced Windows 2012 hosting platform, with a new user interface. There will be a new IP address for the server, so if you host your own DNS you will need to make a change to your A records during the migration window.

If you register your domain and host your DNS with us, we will complete the change on your behalf. We ask that you do not make changes to the files on your website for 48hrs (1 day either side of your migration day) to ensure that your data is successfully transferred. We will provide specific information to your circumstances 7 days prior to migration. If you have any questions in relation to this, please don’t hesitate to contact us.

10. How do I contact someone for assistance?
Netregistry have comprehensive and searchable support pages at You can also contact us for assistance if you are unable to find a resolution online.

11. When did this change take place, I've never been notified about this?
All customers were contacted via the primary email address on their account. Communications were sent at 30 days out, then again at 7 days out from the move taking place. If you haven't received the aforementioned communications, please view your SPAM folder and/or you may be required to update the primary email address on your account.

12. My email account is going to be migrated to cloud email, what are the new settings?
When you receive notification from us (and not before) that your email account has been migrated, you will need to update your email client (Microsoft Outlook, Apple Mail, Mozilla Thunderbird, etc) to connect to the new account.
The information below is for users who are familiar with how to use their email software and simply want to know what settings they should be using to connect to our servers. If you are unsure how to use your email software, we recommend reading through our Email setup tutorials article for further assistance.

SettingMore informationExample
UsernameWhere asked for the username, users must enter their complete email
PasswordWhere asked for their password, users must enter the password provided in their migration completion notification ********
Incoming Mail ServerYour ‘Incoming Mailserver’ should be pop. pop.
Incoming Server PortOur email servers use all the default incoming server port numbers.POP:
Non SSL= 110
SSL =  995

Non SSL= 143
SSL = 993
Outgoing Mail ServerMost customers use their Internet Service Provider’s outgoing mail server to send email, e.g. In this case you will not need to change your settings.
If you are using WebCentral’s outgoing mailserver, you should enter
Cloud Server
Or your ISP smtp server
Outgoing Server PortMany Internet Service Providers (ISP) block port 25 for their own outgoing emails.
We recommend using port 587 or if connecting via SSL, 465
Non SSL = 587
SSL = 465
Authentication TypeUsers must use password authentication to send or receive emails from our servers.Password
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