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Webmail allows you to access your email accounts through a web browser such as Firefox, Internet Explorer or Chrome. The main advantage to checking your email via a web browser is there is no need to install or configure any email software on your computer. It also means you can check your emails on any computer, laptop or smart phone you use around the world.

    Cloud Webmail

    To directly access webmail on Cloud Hosting:

    1. Click here to visit the webmail log in page
    2. Type in your log in details
    3. Click [Login]
    If your domain points to the Cloud name servers you can visit and enter in your email address and email password. Alternatively, if your domain name is not delegated to our name servers you can use to access your webmail .

    Lastly, to access Cloud webmail from within your console account, follow the below steps:
    Log in the Console (If you’re not sure how to do that, click here)
    Manage the domain you want to make changes to
    On the next page, look for Email, if your domain has a product that supports redirection there will be a Domain Redirector menu option beneath it
    Under the Active email accounts title find your relevant mailbox and then select [Log in]

    cPanel Webmail

    To access webmail on cPanel hosting, follow the below steps.

    Log into cPanel
    Click the Email Accounts icon.
    Locate the email address you want to access
    Lastly to the far right of the mailbox click on [More] then select Access Webmail
    If your domain points to cPanel name servers you can visit and enter in your email address and email password. Alternatively, you can use the cPanel webmail url or port number to access it.

    If you've forgotten your password here is our article on how to Update email password

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