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Website Builder users can modify the style/template of their websites directly within Website Builder before and after publishing their site. There are a large number of free and premium styles available for users to select from. Each Website Builder style has different layout, image and colour options available to choose from. Some styles are more modifiable than others.

How to modify a Website Builder style/template

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  1. Click on the Style tab
  2. Select Styles
  3. Select a category (All, Premium or Free)
  4. Hover over a style to preview it
  5. User-added image
  6. Click on a style to load it - you won't lose your content, but you may find it moves around
  7. Remember to click 'Publish' again so the changes visible on your live website

Revert to a previously used style

If you've accidentally modified the style of a website and wish to undo the changes, you may click on the [Revert Style] button. This will undo the previous change you performed to your template.

Creating your own Website Builder style

It is not possible for users to create their own Website Builder styles/templates. We do however provide an extensive selection of free and premium styles for users to choose from and most of these styles are highly customisable. Specific Website Builder styles which are very basic and plain are;

  • CleanSlate
  • BareNecessities
  • NoFrills
  • SqueakyClean
  • RedPlanet (To make the style blank, create a plain white banner and upload it. You will then have what looks like a plain white page).

These styles can be found in the Free Styles tab of the Style menu in Website Builder. Hover over a style to see the customisation features available. Depending on the style chosen, users may be able to modify the font, background, colours, layout and CSS of their websites.

Note: Some of these customisation features are only available upon upgrading Website Builder.

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