Ziphosting Post-Migration FAQs

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Ziphosting Post-Migration FAQs

1. How do I log in to my account now?
1. Navigate to
2. Type in your account reference and password in the fields provided
3. Click Login

2. Will my username or password change?
No, your username and password remain the same.

3. Will there be a change in services on offer?
We offer a new range of products and services although they are very similar to the ones that you already know, please call us on 02 9934 0501 so we can understand your needs and help you accordingly.

4. Will my pricing change?
All new purchases and upgrades will be subject to standard Netregistry pricing.
However, for your existing domain(s) and service(s), pricing will increase by an average of 20% on the existing base price for the life of the service.

5.  What changes will I notice to Terms & Conditions
At the completion of the move, you will be subject to the Netregistry Terms and Conditions. 

6. Will my website go down during the migration?
There will be no changes to the environment that your website is hosted on, so there will be no interruption to your current services.

7. Will my current DNS/name server details change?
No changes will be necessary to your DNS/Name Servers

8. Do I need to change my email settings?
All your email settings remain, no changes necessary. 

9. How do I contact someone for assistance?
Netregistry have comprehensive support pages:
Also, 24/7 phone, email and chat support:
02 9934 0501, International: +61 2 9934 0501 

10. When did this change take place, I've never been notified about this?
All customers were contacted via the primary email address on their account. Communications were sent at 30 days out, then again at 7 days out from the move taking place. If you haven't received the aforementioned communications, please view your SPAM folder and/or you may be required to update the primary email address on your account.

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